Standard Oil Refinery


Written by journalist Ida Tarbell in 1904, The History of the Standard Oil Company was an exposé of the Standard Oil Company, run at that time by oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, the richest figure in America's history. Originally serialized in 19 parts in McClure's magazine, the book was a seminal example of muckraking (known today as "investigative journalism") and inspired many other journalists to write about trusts. Trusts were large businesses that (in the absence of strong antitrust law in the 19th century) attempted to gain monopolies in various industries. The History of the Standard Oil Company was credited with hastening the breakup of Standard Oil, which came about in 1911. This is the full and complete digital version of both volumes, plus all appendices, illustrations, charts, tables, footnotes, index and fully hyperlinked. A truly fascinating work.

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