So, you want to make a Web Page!
 Brandable ISP/Web Host version
   This is a slightly modified version of my basic HTML tutorial that I put together for ISP's, web hosts, or anyone else that would like a brandable HTML course for their site. It's the same as the basic lessons, just cleaned up a little, all in one directory and easier for you to use. Here is an example.
   Download and unpack You'll find all files are in one directory. Upload all those files to a directory on your server and point to index.html. That's all there is to it unless you wish to modify the files.
   In each HTML file you'll find <!--header--> near the top and <!--footer--> near the bottom. Replace these lines with header and footer material of your design. Here is an example. (And yes, you may run ads in the header and/or footer if you wish.) If your HTML proficiency allows, you may modify the files further.
    Be careful putting things down the sides of the lessons. Many of the pages don't lend themselves well to that... especially down the right side. Limiting your stuff to top and bottom would be a fine idea.

It's not really a good idea to put the whole page in a table.

Don't edit these pages with Front Page, Composer, Word or whatever. Or at least... do so at your own risk. The pages are simple, clean and tight... no sense running them through a mangler... if the page comes out the other side all screwed up, we both look a little foolish. Edit your top and bottom separately with one of those editors if you wish, but just be sure to check in a couple browsers before posting.

It's probably not a good idea to alter fonts or colors to "match the look and feel of your site". That is likely to introduce all sorts of wicked little appearance issues. Best just leave things as they are.

Don't remove the credits to I have an ego the size of Texas and I *need* to be appreciated for my work.
   Anyone who wishes to have a branded HTML course on their site is welcome... ISP, web host, help site, commercial site, private individual, whatever.
   If you have any suggestions for making this package more user friendly or better in any other way, I'm all ears.